Zacharias Voulgaris joins Data Science Partnership as Head Of Content
Date: March 15, 2017
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Getting On-board @ Data Science Partnership

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that from now on I’ll be part of the Data Science Partnership team, as the Head of Content. Although the company focuses more on hands-on projects and on-site training for enterprises, we feel that it would be a good idea to share certain materials with everyone who takes time to visit our site. After all, technology-related information is everyone’s domain and unlike academics who like to hide all their knowledge behind research papers inaccessible to the everyday person, we at Data Science Partnership prefer to share what is non-sensitive information on this tech with the world freely and make it comprehensive to the majority. This not only allows for fewer misunderstandings about the ever-changing fields of Data Science / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, but also can help inspire others to get involved in these technologies, and benefit the world through them.

Through this role, I aim to contribute to all that and help promote these fascinating technologies, along with news about them. I’m hoping to constantly refine my methods through your feedback, so if you have any comments or questions about any of the Data Science / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence topics I’ll be covering, please share them either via the comment section below, or via our ‘contact us’ page.

Throughout my life I’ve been fascinated with data analytics and artificial intelligence. Even in my undergraduate degree I spent a whole semester working on developing models based on some financial data I dug up from some lengthy volumes, during my capstone project (aka thesis). Also, during my PhD, I worked with machine learning and A.I. based heuristics in order to improve the classification methodology. Afterwards, during my post-doc I worked with predictive analytics models using sensor data for a couple of military projects that were undertaken by the lab I worked at. In the industry I worked with all kinds of data, mainly financial, to build predictive models for various use cases. Also, over the past half a decade or so, I’ve authored a couple of data science books and several videos on various data science related topics. Finally, parallel to this blog, I have my own personal blog, which I use to share the latest updates of my data science educational material and posts on various topics that interest me.

I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm about this field through various articles on recent developments and other relevant topics. So, bookmark this page if you haven’t already, and stay connected!

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Zacharias Voulgaris

Zach is the Chief Technical Officer at Data Science Partnership. He studied Production Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Crete, shifted to Computer Science through a Masters in Information Systems & Technology (City University of London), and then to Data Science through a PhD on Machine Learning (University of London). He has worked at Georgia Tech as a Research Fellow, at an e-marketing startup in Cyprus as an SEO manager, and as a Data Scientist in both Elavon (GA) and G2 (WA). He also was a Program Manager at Microsoft, on a data analytics pipeline for Bing.


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