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Hadoop Cluster

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Hadoop Cluster
Hadoop Cluster

Our Data Engineers are ready to implement your end to end intelligent platform solution

Although artificial intelligence is a powerful framework, it has to run on something. That something is infrastructure, such as a Hadoop computer cluster, which is why we also offer Data Engineering services. This means our team of highly trained and experienced Data Engineers will implement your end-to-end project managed platform solution from the ground up. This entails designing, installing and/or upgrading existing equipment, configuring the solution, and handover to your Operations Team. We also offer support contracts for our deployed solutions with agreed SLA’s. Our Data Engineers are experts in implementing the Hadoop ecosystem, along with additional distributed computing solutions such as Spark, whatever your data analytics needs require it. We also support the development and implementation of microservices and container solutions, such as Docker, in implementing your end-to-end rollout most effectively. Click the link below to get in touch and find out more.

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